September 17, 2011

Nadi Dosh

Nadi means pulse.

A great news for all those who want to get married but have a nadi dosh. A boy or girl get married to the lord vishnu before the boy and girl get married to each other then take a long wire of gold and tie it to the knees of the boy and girl at the time of marriage and then cut it from the center. This method is good if atleast the 18 gunns are matching out of 36 gunns and don't forget to do the maha mritunjaya mantra very seriously . This is said to be a good remedy for this dosh.

Nadi dosha can not be cancelled. Only the negative effects can be minimised by some puja and a pre-marriage by some God or Goddess... There is no confirmation of people getting a very very successful results for Nadi Dosha.

Nadi dosh remedies are there: - Donation of cow. - mahamritunjaya japa, but this should be done seriously. Many pandits just take money and dont do this. - Even a japa or vishnu path can be performed to cancel the nadi dosh. - Girl can be married to Lord vishnu before marrying the guy to cancel the effect of Dosha. - Many books have these remedies. Nadi dosha is very common these days.

Some rules are laid down for the cancallation of nadi-dosh and one such rule reads that there should not be a paad-vedh i.e.the paads/quarters of those nakshatras responsible for nadi dosh should not intersect each other.In your case boy's nakshatra is uttrafalguni-3rd paad/qtr. and yours is aridra 4th paad.As there is no paad vedh between these two the nadi dosh stands cancelled in the light of the said rule.And in the process 50% of the nadi-koot gunas i.e.4 can be added to the total thus making 29 gunas which you earn in this match out of the total 36 gunas.

The above compatibility is based on the Nakshatra occupied by Moon in proposed husband's and wife's chart. This test takes a deeper look at the compatibility between two – psychological, spiritual, physical and sub-conscious level. As you can see from the above table, Nadi has given the most points and hence regarded as the most important factor by astrologers. The Nadi disagreement between two is also called Nadi Dosha and generally regarded as the strict ‘no’ for the marriage.

There are three different Nadis – Adi (start), Madhya (middle) and Antya (end) and they represent "Prakriti" of an individual that is his/her body constitution. As per Ayurveda there are three different Prakritis, vz Kaph, Vaat and Pita and Adi, Madhya and Antya Nadi are equivalent to that only. The exact Nakshatra based classification is as follows –

1. Antya Nadi
2. Madhya Nadi
3. Adi Nadi

Other classifications are:

Kritika Bharani Aswini
Rohini  Mrigasira Ardra
Aslesha  Pushya Punarvasu
Magha  Poorvaphalguni Uttaraphalguni
Swati Chitra Hasta
Visakha Anuradha Jyehsta
 Poorvashadha Moola
Sravana Dhanshita Satabisha
Revati Uttarabhadrapada Poorvabhadrapada

Nadi Dosha exists if proposed husband and wife are having same Nadi. Scientifically speaking having same Prakriti means their offspring will be physically weaker. If Nadis of proposed husband and wife are different it is only then marriage is recommended so they may have physically stronger children.

So how important is Nadi dosha in my opinion? I personally don't give much importance to Nadi Dosha as given by astrologers generally . In my opinion overall analyis of horoscope should be given precedence over than Nadi dosha. For example, 5th house represent the children in a horoscope and Jupiter is putrakaraka. An astrologer should analyze the 5th house and putrakaraka of both the charts and if these are strong, there is no need to worry about Nadi dosha. Nadi dosha is a quick method but I think the detailed and more accurate method (horoscope analysis) should be given more importance.

Mostly pandits tell that there is Nadi dosha just by seeing that both have same nadi. But in the shastras its mentioned that if nadis are same then also some other things are to be watched and then the result should be predicted. I am mentioning those points and if you have any idea of astrology, then you can check it in both horoscope otherwise on coming saturday, i will be sending the detailed match analysis of both horoscopes. The points to be checked are:-
1) The rashi of guy n gal are same but the nakshatra are different, then no nadi dosha.
2) The nakshatra are same and the rashis are different, then no nadi dosha.
3) The rashis are same and nakshatras are same but the pada of nakshatra are different then no nadi dosha.
These points are to be very carefully watched and then only take any decision.
Besides this, kshadastak yoga and dwi-dwadasha yoga should also be very carefully looked in both charts.
Suppose, if the nadi dosha is present and [b]its very necessary to get married to the same girl, in some situation it happens, then you can get the mahamrityunjaya mantra japa done and give the brahmin a swarna-nadi, grains, cloth and cow. After this the marriage can be done even if nadi dosha is present. But if the circumstances are unavoidable, then only prefer this.

"naadidoshashch vipranam, varnadoshastu bhoobhujaam
gandoshashch vaishyesu, yonidoshashch paadjaam
eknakshatrajaataana m naadidosh vidyate,
anyarkshpativedhesh u vivahe varjitah sadaa. "

 This is an old classic dictum followed by tradional pundits while matching horoscopes.

  Naadi dosh is crucial in the case of Brahmins, Varna dosh is crucial in the case of Kshatriya, gan dosh is crucial in the case of vaishya and yoni dosh is crucial in the case of shoodras.

 This means that if the bride and the groom are brahmins and have a  naadi dosh then that marriage is 'varjit'. However they can marry after doing the parihars.Similarly if the kshatriya couple have varna dosh then the marriage is 'varjit' and so on.

 The fact that four matching area: naadi, varna, gan and yoni have been associated with four different castes shows that these factors are not universally applicable and instead are caste specific. Had any one of them been an Ayurveda concept [ physiological] then it should have been applicable across the board to all castes.

There are three kind of nadis- 1>Adhya (Vayu - Air), 2>Madhya (Pitta - Fire), 3>Antya (Water - Cough) and each constellation (or, nakshatra) characterize only one kind of nadi.
The nadi dosha, you are referring to, is owing to the fact that you and your girl friend have a same nadi based on placement of moon in the constellation that have similar characteristic. In marital match making, maximum one can have is 8 point when it comes to matching nadi guna. This matching is compatibility factor based solely on Moon's position in both candidates horoscope.
In my opinion, Nadi dosha can be seen mainly more from progeny point of view. If both parent have a madhya nadi, then offspring is likely to have a weaker constitution irrespective of parents health. If both parent have antya nadi, then parent may have a difficulty in bearing progeny because of cough prikrity (or, pulse as per Ayurveda). Nadi dosha can be also lead to possibility of a future mental disagreements, change of fortune and health related issue in their prospective married life.
As I said, it is solely based on Moon's position and doesn't cover every aspect of marital horoscope match making.  I have seen a couple with low guna or points  (out of 8) in this respect live happily with two adorable children.
In marital horoscope match making, the following points are recommended to be looked (in both horoscopes) in the following priorities-
1> Nature/temperament of  both individuals including Mangal dosha
3>Marital life
4>Wealth and family aspect
6>and last but not least,  Guna Milap based on the position of Moon

I know it is very difficult to figure out one's life span, health and other aspect, but these are general bullet points in marital horoscope match making.

Below are some points to be checked .

1) The Rashi of male & female are same but the Nakshatra are different, then no Nadi dosha.

2) The Nakshatra are same and the Rashis are different, then no Nadi dosha.

3) The Rashis are same and Nakshatras are same but the pada of Nakshatra are different then no nadi dosha.

4) The 5th House of Lagan kundali of both girl & boy should be checked as House No-5 is considered house of Children .

5) The placement of Jupiter in both girl & boy's horoscope should be checked . Jupiter is considered as Putrakarak planet

These points are to be very carefully watched and then only take any decision should be made .


  1. Dear Rhapsody, I have enjoyed your article and
    particularly like your screen name. Thanks for the light on this subject. Although I am a Kshatriya by varana, I would like to ask you if there are remedies for yoni dosh as I am in a relationship that has Gana dosh which cancels out, and 1 out 4 points on yoni with about 21 overall on Ashtkuta milap. Please advise as I am in love but certainly some incompatibility is evident. regards, Sanjay

  2. I really need help. I may have nadi dosha in my marriage. Im not sure if it cancelled. Please help me.

    Boy: October 5, 1985
    New york, new york
    Timezone: -5

    Girl: November 13, 1992
    New york, New york
    Timezone: -5

    Please help me find out if nadi dosh is Present

  3. Dear Rhapsody,
    I really liked your article .... its really helpful cz most of the pandits are rigid about nadi dosh and do no guide with any of the remedies.

    boy: august 09, 1986
    time 14:00

    girl: 6 sep 1988
    time 11:40
    chittranjan (West Bengal)

    could u please help me with the nadi dosh and could u please check the 5th house and the 7th house in both the charts and revert me back on

  4. hii Rhapsody ,
    i liked your article , your article contains astrological facts along with scientific justification.
    boy:28 july 1986
    time:6.45 pm
    place :baraut(U.P)

    GIRL:9 AUGUST 1988
    time:10:10 pm
    place : karnal (haryana)
    could you pls help me to tell about the nadi dosh and the remedies to be taken for this.also tell me if their is any cancellation of dosh.i shall be reallly thankful.n pls reply me on

  5. Dear Rhapsody,
    I really liked your article .... its really helpful cz most of the pandits are rigid about nadi dosh and do no guide with any of the remedies.

    boy: january 4, 1991
    time 9:45 AM

    girl: 21 june 1995
    time 10:52 AM

    could u please help me with the nadi dosh and could u please check the 5th house and the 7th house in both the charts and revert me back on give me solution..for that

  6. hello sir,i want your and my boyfrnd having nodi DOB-8-9-1987 tym 14:45 place-siliguri(india)
    his DOB-20-5-1988 tym 17:45 place-bokaro(india)
    can u please check and tell is dis really impossible to have him in my life..?

  7. my name is priyanka my dob is 02-june-1982 n time 08:15am.
    .I m married my husband name is
    vipin dob 24 july-1983 time-05:30am.we have nadi dosh nobody seems at the time of marriage.Our marriage is not sucessful.He doesnt care abt me evry time fights n very stubborn.Our guna is very low.what remedies should i do for nadi dosh.I dont want breakup in my marriage.I m having a child also.Its been 3 n half years of my marriage.Kindly suggest me remedies

  8. I have been facing a lot of problem because of finance. One astrologer said I have nadi dish....and asked me to perform some vidhi....I want to be sure before I go ahead with the Pooja if I have the dish.
    Sushmita born 10-8-73 dibrugarh Assam... 16.22 time

  9. Hi Rhapsody

    Do you do horoscope analysis. And if so how much do you charge?

    How can I get in touch with you?


  10. how to get in touch with you rhapsody? let me know your personal consultation charges also. its little urgent. Thanks.

  11. Hello,

    I am in a dilema at the moment and need some guidance. I have been with my girlfriend on and off for 8yrs and we have decided to get married recently. Today her Pundit told her we have some sort of Nadi Dosha and that it can pretty much ruin our relationship, hence Pundit does not feel it is a good thing to move forward with. Another challenge for me as that my mother does not know exactly what time I was born (its either 8:25pm/8:45pm). Would anyone have any guidance to give here? I told my gf that she should get a few more advices from other knowledgable people so that she can see what feedback is received.
    If we do have Nadi Dosha, is it bad to move forward with marriage? We really love each other and are finally ready to settle down and have kids some day. But from what she said, the child has a good chance to be handicap or weak due to this Nadi Dosha...?

    Born Feb 05, 1979
    Place - Anand, India
    Time - sorry I do not know, it is either 8:25pm or 8:45pm on Monday evening

    Dec 24, 1984
    Place - Birmingham, England
    Time - 4:00am

  12. Hi i liked your article , your article contains astrological facts along with scientific justification.

    Boy name - anand sharma
    Rashi name - bhavuk sharma
    Time-11:55 PM

    Girl name-Vishakha pachauri
    Rashi name-ilu pachauri
    Time-05:40 am
    could you pls help me to tell about the nadi dosh and the remedies to be taken for this.also tell me if their is any cancellation of dosh.i shall be reallly thankful.n pls reply me on
    Cell no -8010181819

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  16. Hi...we both are Brahmins.....and in love....but we have antya nadi dosh ...can u help me.we wana marry each other truly

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